What Are Motel?

Most of the person after hearing the word motel is like – we heard of the hotel, what is motel now? Well, the motel is nothing other than the hotel; even it is a hotel which is specially designed for the travelers. They are the one which also provides the option of parking for the vehicle no matter wherever you find Motels in Newcastle. In the simple words, it could be said it motel is a blend of motor and hotel. They are basically the hotel on the roadside, having a number of rooms and sufficient parking area too or a well developed urban luxury hotel with proper parking space.

Benefits of choosing motels over hotels

Cheaper – the first most benefit of the motel over the hotel is that they are quite cheaper than the hotel. Most of the tourists have a lot of places to spend over; they can save the money by staying in motels and spend it on the other places.

Proper parking – the best thing about the motels are that they are having the proper parking place for the vehicles of the traveler. It leads to give a relief to the traveler about their vehicle and relax without any stress.

Gutter area – most of the traveler who travels on their vehicle have a destination to reach and for it, they need to cross various towns from outer area. It is good if they are able to get the accommodation in outer regions as they will be able to save a lot of time, money and efforts.


If you are planning to go on road trip with your friends, then it is good if you prefer to stay in the motels over the hotels. You will be saving a lot of money by making this decision; even you would be able to get some different experience.

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