Questions To Ask Before Buying A Condo

If you are Thailand hunting for the perfect condo in town then you must visit all the real estate web pages that have houses and condos for sale in Samui. People are quite aware of the houses and how the buying and selling process works but when it comes to buying a condo, only a handful of individuals are fully aware of the whole process and the details.

Besides the pros and cons of a condo, there are certain questions that you must ask the seller before getting into business with him. It is always better to plan ahead and know what questions to ask before going to a meeting. You should make sure that you are fully aware of the environment that you are going to live in so ask your future neighbors some questions as well. Some of the questions that one must ask are;

What are the biggest complaints?

Ask the neighbors or the current owners about the problems that are discussed at the meetings and how the management responds to them. Do they solve them abruptly or leave it as it is. If they aren’t quick then you must know about it before committing to it.

What’s the management team like?

It is always better to have some information about the personalities of the management and how they respond to the fellow residents. Interview the condo manager or ask around to see if he is good at his job or not because a dull a lousy manager can ruin your experience.

Is there storage space available?

Condos don’t offer attics or garages which is why you must ask about the extra storage space for bikes, skies and other outdoor luggage. Some condos do offer personal storage space while others don’t so know what you are looking for.

What does the insurance cover?

Make sure to get a copy of the condo association’s insurance policy. If you don’t understand it, take it to your insurance manager and ask him to check if all the estimates are correct and what actually does the insurance covers.

What are the monthly association fees?

Owners of the condos are expected to pay a monthly or quarterly fee to the association for the maintenance and repairs of the property. The fee depends on the luxuries provided and the number of units in the property.  Ask for the breakdown of the monthly dues that you would be responsible for and make sure that nothing extra is charged.

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