Super Granny Flats Perth is a well-known and activated builder of granny flats all across Western Australia that is solely engaged in serving its customers with incredible quality products purely designed in accordance to Australian Standards and BCA rules and regulations. The creative team of Super Granny Flats put into practice some strict quality control measures with an intention to guarantee their customers for providing greater level of uniformity and trustworthiness in their work.

Super Granny Flats has built up an award-winning reputation in home building market through offering its clients best quality solutions on which they can completely satisfy. Our products have already passed through some well-organized manufacturing procedures with extreme quality control level and team dedication.

Top level management of Super Granny Flats Perth has been fully engaged in the construction and home development industry for about more than forty years.  Our extreme level of devotion and commitment has been clearly reflects in the culture of our organization. Our innovative and qualified team strongly believes on developing a responsive yet contented environment while dealing with its clients for their particular accommodation needs.

We interact and work with our clients through a step by step rationalized procedure as mentioned below:

  • New customers are warmly welcomed to approach highly cooperative customer support team for a quote.
  • The customers then approach to design team for deciding upon a particular design.
  • We manage our manufacturing process on local level and then bring together.
  • After meeting with certain explained guidelines, our creative team takes the responsibility to administrate and handling your delivery.

Greatly impressed with quality of workmanship at Super Granny Flats! I last year procured a Granny Flat building from your corporation and it was built by taking into consideration all mandatory standards I was actually expecting from you guys.

My warm regards to your highly qualified staff that are actually very experienced and well-informed in their work. Dealing with everyone on Super Granny Flats was a great delight for me and I would unquestionably propose you to all looking around for affordable Granny Flats. Super Granny Flats is evidence to hard work. Best of luck for future business!

Millions of Thanks!

Len David

Thanks you Super Granny Flats for all your remarkable work during successfully completing our Granny Flat project. I am indeed very impressed with the approach in which you effectively perform your work. We are now planning to purchase another Granny Flat for our Orchard Hills Defense DEPT and we’ll surely approach you again for getting highly professionalized services. We hope that you guys will certainly help us in accordance to our particular expectations and it is possible just because of your quality workmanship and extreme level of work professionalism. I will definitely consider you for all future considerations. Thank you again!

Peggy & Jhon

I already approached more than a few Granny Flats building companies but I was not happy and satisfied with ultimate services they were offering to me. They were actually limited in their additions; moreover, the material used in Granny Flats frame was made of wood. With Super Granny Flats, I found best services along with Zink coated steel material. Moreover, they were quite affordable in their prices. Your customer support representative was very much supportive and knowledgeable in all aspects. They promptly answered my all questions with which I was extremely satisfied. I have already settled in my new Granny Flat with my daughter and son and extremely comfortable and contented with it. Thank you Super Granny Flats for your great work!

Henry William